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zaijian's Journal

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28 September 1986
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the ordinary life . . .

wayward and off-centered, with a hint of awkward absurdity, lin is an undefined figure in what many would call: life. ever-changing, her thoughts are marked by sensible judgment and open opinion, but can just as easily switch between constant childish humor and strengthening maturity. yet despite having twenty-one years for assistance, she is a growing individual in both mind and spirit. raised as the only daughter to stereotypical parents, lin has spent most of her childhood and adolescent years moving from one place to another, thus learning by force how to adjust to new surroundings. familiarized with an isolated background, she slowly gained an observant nature and through experience alone did she also learn how to be unafraid of raw honesty. initially known for her dry sarcasm and bull-headed behavior, first impressions come off as insensitive and overly-blunt – although lin is actually quite the opposite when given the chance to thoroughly understand.

her occasional ranting circulates around daily frustrations, which also include the countless amount of people who go overboard with their asian-influenced obsessions, among other “controversial” topics. further proving that lin is only human with certain annoyances that stretch to an extent. but as a forewarning – expect to read nonsensical lines sewn together to form posts based on spastic interests. prone to laughing at inappropriate times and soft-hearted for unusual moments, she takes to random babble like a bird to flight.

nevertheless, when all is said and done, a variety of quirks and oddities rest at the surface of a smiling face – working to create the girl named lin.

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random facts ;

above description in a nutshell -

22 years marks the spot. endlessly switching majors, partially for the hell of it. unable to ride a bike, rollerskate/blade - in otherwords, do anything on wheels unless it's a car. scared of suv's (don't ask why, i just am.) a shower singer but will hit the karaoke upon request. continuing japanese language after quitting mandarin... again. anti-clubber. mostly anti-fangirl but will make a few acceptions. a lover of the color green. eternal weakness for kaneshiro takeshi, and them smokin' papa's-to-be. was a sailor in a previous life. consecutively killed five gold fishes in a week. has momentary lapses of hyperactive convulsions. officially dubbed as a "chikopinonese" by an old co-worker who equally sucks at figuring out fractions describing exact ethnicity. text-addict. takes to coffee and caffeine like newfound healing water. loves food - hates cooking. retired sugar-fiend & extreme tea devotee. a sucker for details, details, details!

finishing statement *

music is my main definition. language is the master key. diversity is an open window. unfinished poetry is an ongoing lullaby. dreams create the whole picture, while reality is the single missing piece to finish the puzzle. life is a passion unknown and untamed - & beauty has yet to be captured by words.